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Not that, but this: Preparing for 2021


2020 was a hard year. Will 2021 be better? The prophets teach us how to think about the new year. ...

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The Blessing of God's Provision


Feeling beset by enemies inside and out, David reminds us in Psalm 144 that God is the God of all provision, the God of more than enough, the God who provides everything we need to not only survive - but thrive - and to enjoy his blessing....

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Great Faith for a Great Future


We live in an unprecedented time of change; in Joshua 1 we learn principles for moving forward in God's purpose even when the future is uncertain....

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The Priority of Listening to Jesus


Mary teaches us by example, and Jesus by his words, of the priority of listening to God....

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No Room for Racism


It is not a political statement to affirm that there is no room for racism; this is a non-negotiable tenet of God's kingdom....

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Our Good Shepherd.


Following Jesus in times of turbulence draws us to trust God more....

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The gospel is more than justification, but it is never less than God's declaration of 'not guilty' to sinners who repent and believe....

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2020 School of Ministry Update


We continue to equip people from across Europe with theological foundations and practical ministry skills to be effective leaders for God's harvest in Europe....

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The Best Coach


To live a life of significance and pleasing to God, Grace is the best coach you will ever have....

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The Grace of Giving


God gives grace for generous giving....

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