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In May 1990, God opened a remarkable door for the gospel; one small step of obedience continues to bear fruit for God's kingdom.... Read More

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Biblical hope is the joyful, confident anticipation and expectation of something that is certain; specifically, the joyful and confident expectation of eternal salvation. In other words, God wants us to live with confident certainty that He is going to keep his promise to us. ...Read More

The picture of an anchor points to something that gives stability in times of shaking or trouble. To anchor the soul means that our souls – our heart, our minds, our emotions – have a source of stability. And that source of stability is the hope we have. And this is where we get into the content of that hope: it is a hope that enters ...Read More

The ability to keep your eye on the prize and live in JOY through the midst of trials is an indicator of the purity and the quality of your faith. ...Read More