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The Europe Vision

Equipping a new generation of leaders for effective gospel ministry.

(Acts 20:20, 27)

Now is the time to act. We plan to establish a ministry training centre in Europe. Out of all the regions of the world, Europe remains the dark continent. It is deeply secular, spiritually closed, morally relativistic, and resistant to the gospel. Following in the footsteps of Paul (Acts 19:9-10), training leaders is a key to gospel advance. There is a huge need for contextually-appropriate church planter and missionary training in Europe that not only lays biblical foundations but also equips for practical leadership and spiritual ministry.

The Opportunity

This is not the first time or place with significant gospel need. Consider what Jesus faced when he gave his apostles the Great Commission: when he told them to go into all the world and make disciples (Matthew 28:18-20), he was looking at a world in which there were no churches, no training centers, and no Christians outside of Jerusalem! His answer to the gospel need of the world was not large evangelistic crusades in all the big cities; rather, Jesus focused on training key leaders through personal mentoring, high-quality teaching, and Spirit-empowered sending.

As we contemplate the gospel need in Europe, we want to follow the Jesus model. The training we envision includes the practical, theological, and spiritual dimensions of planting, leading, and growing Christ-centered, Spirit-empowered, contextually appropriate churches. God has uniquely positioned CBU: through our years of experience, our network of relationships, and the skillset we offer, we are strategically positioned to act and meet this opportunity.

The Vision

We see Europe transformed by the gospel. We see people across Europe encountering the power of God. How does this happen? We are establishing a ministry training centre in the heart of Scotland to reach Europe with the gospel. Through this training centre, we will equip and mobilize missionaries, church planters, and evangelists for effective ministry in this most challenging context.

The Plan

We're not just starting, we've been doing this: in addition to our ongoing ministry in Scotland and Ukraine, we have been sponsoring church planters boot camps, pastors boot camps, and the Every Nation School of Ministry. But without a permanent, presence, we are very limited in what we can do. We are partnering with Centrepoint Church in Scotland to establish this ministry training centre. 

Your Partnership

Imagine being able to leave a legacy for future generations. Consider what it would feel like to know that you did everything in your power to enable those who have not heard the gospel of Christ to have a chance to meet Jesus. The seeds we sow in this life will echo in eternity. You have an opportunity to do something extraordinary. Through this training centre, people will not simply be blessed next year; you will be touching the nations for decades. This is a unique moment, and we stand at a strategic point. You have the opportunity to touch generations with the love, truth, and grace of Jesus through helping to establish the Centre for European Leadership. Please prayerfully consider your greatest possible gift – and join us on this exciting adventure.

To help accomplish this vision, read more about the training centre here.