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Rocket Fuel


The United States went to the moon in 1969 simply because we decided to. Once the decision was made, all the necessary resources were allocated to get the job done.

Imagine Nial Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins sitting in the in the command module of a fully-equipped Saturn V space vehicle, at the time the most technologically-advanced mode of human transport. Many systems, computers, engines, wires, cables, along with all the food, flight plans, and communication systems to make the flight successful - they're all ready to go!

But when the control centre presses the button to launch the vehicle, nothing happens. Upon investigation, it is discovered that someone forgot to add the rocket fuel! It doesn't matter how much is right about a rocket; without fuel, it's not going anywhere.

Jesus has given us a more glorious mission than getting to the moon; he has commissioned us to go to the ends of the earth with the gospel. That doesn't mean we have to go to Madagascar; usually it means we have to go across the street to our neighbour to share the love and truth of Christ.

But many Christians are like a rocket sitting on the launch pad with no fuel. We wonder why we are not effective in sharing the gospel with people: it might be because some of our 'systems' are missing; we are unsure of what to do or say. Butsometimes it's simply a matter of fuel: we do not have the power of the Holy Spirit at work in our lives. 

Receive the Holy Spirit

As recorded in the gospel of John 20:19-23, on resurrection day, after giving the disciples a greeting of Shalom, Jesus told them to receive the Holy Spirit. I believe this is when the disciples were born again, because this was their first encounter with the resurrected Lord. This was the first moment they believed the full gospel, not only that Jesus had died for their sins, but also that he was resurrected.

But there was more for them: that's what we read about in Acts 1. Here, Jesus told them to remain in Jerusalem until they received power from the Holy Spirit to be witnesses. It was this power that propelled them on their mission to take the good news everywhere. 

Life is short. Don't live your Christian life like a rocket sitting on the launch pad. Make room in your life for the person of the Holy Spirit, and open your life to be baptised by God's Holy Spirit and endued with power to be an effective witness of the gospel.

Going to the moon might be fun, but joining God on his mission of salvaiton is more fulfilling. To get the job done, we need the right kind of fuel. Heed the wors of Jesus: receive the Holy Spirit!