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Project 215


Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who has no need to be ashamed, rightly handling the word of truth. (2 Timothy 2:15)

About Project 215

Project 215 is a global curriculum to equip missionary/church planters with sufficient biblical foundations to plant and lead healthy, growing churches that remain faithful to God’s truth.

Why This Is Important

These are challenging days. We live at a time when the very idea of truth is being questioned. In previous generations, people would argue that one particular body of ideas was more ‘right’ than another; today many people believe there is no such thing as truth. The contemporary trends of secularisation, postmodernism, and globalisation have built a global consciousness that believes truth is personal, relative, and contextual.

Whereas we may expect these trends to mark a world that has always questioned God’s truth (John 18:38), this direction should not mark God’s church. We observe, however, that people using the name of Christ embrace doctrinal, moral, social, relational, and philosophic perspectives completely at odds with God’s word. It is more important than ever before to value, esteem, and insist on solid, healthy, biblical theological foundations. Pastors, church planters and leaders must be able to ‘rightly handle the word of truth.’

In addition, we live at a time when people no longer assume that traditional models of education will meet their needs. This is particularly true of theological education, where many seminaries are being forced to shift their mode of delivery to include part-time and distance learning. Thus, at at time when truth is under attack, many church leaders are finding it difficult to access traditional modes of theological education. Particularly in areas of the world without access to high-quality, Bible-based theological education, we need proactive solutions to ensure spiritual, doctrinal, and church health.

Our Solution

Project 215 is a collaborative effort to meet the growing need for solid, Bible-based theological education accessible to pastors, leaders, and church planters. It includes a number of innovative solutions that make it a winning answer for today:

  1. It is global in perspective: Because the curriculum development team includes leaders from 5 continents, we are able to develop a programme that works in any nation around the world.
  2. It is missional: the focus of our curriculum is not knowledge for the sake of knowledge, but rather to equip leaders engaged in mission. Our focus is on training pastors who lead and missionaries who plant Christ-centred, Spirit-empowered, social responsible churches.
  3. It is thorough: the curriculum will include 12 courses, each consisting of 12 hours of instruction.
  4. It is collaborative: because we are working with leaders from around the globe, the core theological perspectives in our curriculum are both Bible-based and non-sectarian. This gives our curriculum a broad appeal.
  5. It is evangelical: our curriculum includes a clear statement of the gospel and encourages active evangelism as normal Christianity.
  6. It is charismatic: our curriculum not only includes a robust section on Pneumatology but also teaches the doctrine and practice of the personal presence and empowering activity of the Holy Spirit.
  7. It is accessible: the curriculum will be available in a variety of formats, including online video, live teaching in clusters, and downloadable print curriculum.

CBU’s Part in Project 215

The scope of this project is beyond what any pastor, church, or group could do in isolation. We are partnering with Every Nation Ministries in the creation, development, and deployment of this global curriculum. We are directly involved in all three areas of development: we are providing high-level conceptual input for the structure and overall plan of the curriculum; we are developing material and conducting part of the actual teaching to be filmed and available online; we will be working to deploy this curriculum, specifically in Europe.

How You Can Be Involved

We can get this done. To accomplish Project 215, we need the Body of Christ to invest in this strategic endeavour. The cost of the CBU portion of Project 215 is estimated at $25,000. This will cover the curriculum development, filming, printing, and translation of materials. Our timeline for Project 215 goes like this:

  • Phase 1: Curriculum Development (currently underway)
  • Phase 2: Filming and Editing (Spring 2016)
  • Phase 3: Packaging and Delivery (Autumn 2016/2017).

Help accomplish Project 215 by becoming a CBU Global Partner today.  

By becoming a CBU Global Partner today, you can participate in the active advance of the gospel in Europe.