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Mission and Values

Our Mission

CBU exists to advance the gospel of Jesus through church planting, leadership development, and humanitarian aid.  Central to our ministry is God's Mission - the Missio Dei.  Jesus said it like this:  I came to seek and save the lost (Luke 19:10).  The Holy Spirit leads us to live on mission with God.  We work to partner with our Lord as He draws people to Himself through the gospel.

Our Values

The Gospel: The story of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection is central to all effective ministry. The gospel is not only how we get saved; it’s how we live. Paul called the gospel “the power of God unto salvation.” That’s why we proclaim the good news of forgiveness and new life in Christ. To read Bible verses about the gospel, go here. To read some quotes about the gospel, go here.

The Power of the Holy Spirit: Jesus told his disciples that they would receive power when the Holy Spirit came upon them, and they would be his witnesses.  Authentic gospel advance only happens in the power of the Hoy Spirit. We dare not go to the nations of the world in our own strength; we rely on and value the ongoing ministry of God’s Spirit to equip and empower, renew and refresh believers. God the Holy Spirit is actively at work in the lives of God’s people today.

The Local Church: CBU values and supports the ministry of the local church. We believe that God calls his people to live out the Christian life with other believers in local communities called churches. CBU seeks to bless and encourage the local church by equipping God’s people for effective ministry. We gather for equipping and release for ministry.

Team Work:  The advance of the gospel is such a huge undertaking that we cannot do it alone. Through a series of strategic partnerships, we work with church planters, missionaries, and churches to advance the gospel of Jesus in difficult ares.

Equipping Leaders: In his letter to the Ephesians, Paul wrote that Jesus gave ministry gifts to equip the saints for works of service.  CBU began as an equipping ministry with Spirit-empowered Bible-teaching conferences. This legacy continues as we work to equip missionaries, church planters, and pastors for effective gospel ministry.  

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