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My Perspective on the Presidential Election

Our nation is still processing the results of the recent election. As Christians, it is important to allow the Bible to frame not only how we think about this election, but how we position ourselves in a nation that desperately needs healing. For believers, the mission of God has to be the over-riding concern that governs our lives. ...

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Navigating Transitional Times


We live in turbulent times of significant transition. How do we navigate these moments?...

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A Series of Fortunate Events


Sometimes a small seed planted grows into something big - and grows into unexpected places....

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Crossing The Jordan

Every generation has the 'cross the Jordan' to enter the place, purpose, and provision God has for it....

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An Enforced Peace

Have you recently heard a speech in praise of someone worthy of honour? The technical term for this is a eulogy and the most common time we hear these is at funerals. We tend to wait until people have died, and then forget the bad stuff, and heap lots of praise on them. After all, we wouldn't want them to think that we actually thought they were worthy and honourable d...

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Restoration is a hard thing to believe. Can the future be better than the past? That's what God's people in Jerusalem were wondering. ...

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Surviving The Storms

How do we navigate the storms that hit us as we follow Jesus? Several stories in the Bible point us in the right direction....

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When "I Don't Know" Is The Right Answer

Key life lessons emerge from God's calling and Abram's response: do we trust God enough to lead us even when we don't knot the final destination?...

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Walking With the Father

What does maturity look like? How do we grow up in Christ? There are a few power verses that give us an answer. ...

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Pentecostal Power

God gives us the power of the Holy Spirit to make us effective witnesses. The compelling story of Ivan Vornaev show's God's power in action. ...

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